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With four prior crowdfunded deals oversubscribed, don't miss out on our Fort Lauderdale opportunity.

Since 2018, Feldman Equities investors have successfully capitalized four deals, with a total of $52,554,276 in equity deployed on projects valued in excess of $200 million. These investors have consistently received dividend payments of over 7% annual returns, even throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

All of our prior crowdfunded investments have been oversubscribed.

4 years WALT

A critical part of ensuring stability in a large office building is the Weighted Average Lease Term (WALT). At 4 years, this building has cash flow stability from day one.

1.96x Equity Multiple

This is the projected total cash distributions from this opportunity divided by the total equity invested. 

15.7% IRR

The projected Internal Rate of Return, (IRR) for this opportunity. The IRR represents the total projected annualized return to investors across the lifecycle of this deal.

Feldman's Secret Sauce

The Radical Officectomy

Having owned and operated large downtown office skyscrapers for over 30 years, Feldman Equities has learned a thing or two about how to increase returns for our investors - and it all starts with our renovation expertise, known fondly at our company as the 

Radical Officectomy.

Discover how we add value to Class 'A' office buildings, increase rents, extend leases, and bring in new tenants in this case study of one of our earlier crowdfunded investment opportunities, Castille at Carillon - and learn the secret to our success.

Here at Feldman Equities, we are proud that investors of every stripe have invested in our deals.  We are partnered with institutional investors, including New York Life and a publicly-traded REIT, family offices, high net worth individuals, and accredited individuals who invest with us online. In every case, we co-invest substantial equity alongside our partners.   

These three tranches of equity – institutional, private investor, and our internal equity all play an important role in capitalizing our portfolio. Learn more about how we enhance investor returns while remaining focused on capital preservation in these articles below:

The only building in downtown Sarasota with a fitness center, conference center, cafe, tenant lounge, courtyard and covered parking.

Sarasota City Center

Targeted IRR: 15.93%
Targeted Cash Yield: 9.9%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.85x


In the heart of Downtown St Petersburg the 17-story office tower showcases a stunning new lobby as part of a $10 million renovation. 

First Central Tower

Targeted IRR: 15.0%
Targeted Cash Yield: 9.1%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.9x


Castille at Carillon is located in the heart of the St. Petersburg Gateway Submarket. The two Class A office buildings totaling 105,000 square feet have undergone a $2 million dollar renovation.

Castille at Carillon 

Targeted IRR: 14.3%
Targeted Cash Yield: 9.1%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.8x


A 30 foot wall of light greets visitors to this 17-story office building situated in one of Downtown St Petersburg’s premier locations steps from the waterfront.

Morgan Stanley Tower 

Targeted IRR: 17.3%
Targeted Cash Yield: 7.5%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 2.0x


Webcast - May 4, 1pm EST

New Investment Opportunity

Fort Lauderdale Class 'A' office

Learn more about our Fort Lauderdale investment opportunity during the webcast when we will reveal the building, our business plan, and answer your questions.

Don't miss out on our latest offering and join us for this webcast where we reveal all the details. 

Register now for the webcastWatch the case studyRegister now for the webcast

Projected Investor Returns:

• Cash on cash (average): 7.5%+
• IRR: 15.7%
• Equity multiple: 1.96x
• Hold period: 5 years

• Minimum investment: $25,000 

Projected NOI growth: 45% 

Location revealed during webcast

Projected building value increase: 25%


Webcast - May 4, 1pm EST

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